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2009-2010 Battalion Staff

Command Staff


Battalion Commander:                                                 C/LTC Allen J. McCaffery


            Deputy Battalion Commander:                                   C/MAJ Garth C. Fuller


Battalion Executive Officer:                                        C/MAJ Edward Burns


Battalion Command Sergeant Major:                       C/CSM Ellery F. Freeman


Coordinating Staff

Administration Officer (S1):                                         C/CPT Pheaon Prince
              Administration NCOIC:                                     C/SFC Taylor Pyle

Intellegence/Security Officer (S2):                              C/CPT Ryan Hayes

Training and Operations Officer (S3):                       C/CPT Luis Ramos

Training and Operations NCOIC:                    C/SFC Julian Medina


Supply and Logistics Officer (S4):                              C/MAJ Brittany Reinhardt 
              Supply and Logistics Adjudant:                     C/CPT Bryce Bowden


Public Affairs Officer (S5):                                            C/CPT Aimee Iglesias

Special Staff

Adjudant to the Battalion Commander:                    C/CPT Pheaon Prince


 Financial Officer:                                                           C/LTC Allen J. McCaffery

Special Teams Coordinator:                                       C/MAJ Brittany Reinhardt

General Orders Supervisor:                                        C/1LT Madyson Jarriel

Battalion Special Projects Officer:                            C/1LT Larry Travis

             Battalion Recorder:                                                       C/SFC Brittany Rehm