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2013-2014 Company Command 



Alpha Co.

Commander:                                               C/SSG Cross, Travis                                                                  First Sergeant:                                            C/CPL Sloan, Parker 


Bravo Co.

             Commander:                                               C/CPT Scott, William               

              First Sergeant:                                           C/1SG Gross, Justin 

Charlie Co.

Commander:                                               C/CPT  Veitinger, Charles                 
First Sergeant:                                            C/1SG Thomas, Edgar 


Delta Co.

             Commander:                                               C/CPT  Rios, Jaime                                                                                       First Sergeant:                                            C/1SG Cline, Cole


Echo Co.

             Commander:                                               C/CPT Woodle, Brandon 

              First Sergeant:                                            C/1SG Willis, Jacob      




  All of the cadets have the responsibility of keeping their uniforms clean, pressed, polished, and aligned every Wednesday.