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C/LTC Allen J. McCaffery III

Letter to the JROTC Cadets/Parents


                Another year begins, and everything is moving, and moving fast! With our upcomming drill meet here at the high school, and future around the area I ask everyone to keep their "A" game. The dedication and motivation of the members of any group are what will make or break that group! I ask everyone to get involved in anyway you can! We have alot of teams in all shapes and sizes, so there is something for everyone. As you get your uniforms over the next week, I ask all of you to look your best while wearing that uniform! Part of what gives JROTC an edge is not the fact that we all wear uniforms, its amoung otherthings we do wear uniforms, and they are always sharp looking. With nearly 180 cadets this year, it always sends a better message when everyone is uniform and keep thats uniform at its best!

Thank You everyone for your support of the St. Augustine High School Yellow Jacket Battalion!!!

-C/LTC Allen J. McCaffery, Battalion Commander.